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The Skribler Structured Editor

Skribler is a framework for setting up structured editors for domain specific languages (DSL's). The goal is to make the definition of new and custom DSL's easier without having the developer worry about grammars and parsers. Skribler does this, in part, by reversing the parsing equation: rather than going from source code to abstract syntax trees (AST's) skribler starts from AST's and generates the source.

v2. Based on HTML5's contentEditable and Knockout.js

The second version was done on top of HTML5's contentEditable support. Keeping the parse tree and visualisation in sync is achieved mostly by making use of the excellent Knockout.js framework.

A demo can be found here. Be aware though, it's functionality is still incomplete, and was only tested on Firefox on Mac!

v1. Based on Java Swing

The first version of Skribler you'll find here was implemented in Java Swing. This proved successful, but the code was also quite complex. In addition, you're limited in what you can set up as a visualisation of the language; unless you want to go for even more complex code...


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